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ANN: O'Reilly book "Using SQLite" available for pre-order

Из рассылки анонсов SQLite:

sqlite-announce Digest, Vol 25, Issue 1
In conjunction with O'Reilly Media, I am happy to announce that the
book "Using SQLite" is now available for pre-order. When released
later this summer, the title should also be available in several
popular ebook formats.

O'Reilly Media: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596521189/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Using-SQLite-Jay-Kreibich/dp/0596521189/

You can help!

"Using SQLite" is taking part in O'Reilly Lab's "Open Feedback
Publishing System" (OFPS). While we continue to prepare the final
draft, you can read an online version of the book and leave feedback.
Changes and edits to the current draft are pushed to the website daily,
allowing you to track and watch as the book takes its final form.

I invite all SQLite list members to register and participate:


Thank you for your help and support!


Jay A. Kreibich < J A Y @ K R E I B I.C H >

Автор книги - активный участник рассылки sqlite-users. Просмотрев бегло онлайн версию книги, могу сказать, что широта охвата материала впечатляет.

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